Legal Reference:
All data on our website are not-binding. We are not liable for damage caused by uploading data from our server. We check all data for viruses before uploading, however, we cannot guarantee that they are virus-free completely. Should you discover a virus, please contact us immediately.

Privacy Policy:
We take the protection of personal data very seriously. We would like you to know what kind of data we record and in what way we use them. As an enterprise under private law, we are subject to the Federal Law for Data Protection.  We have taken technical and organizational measures which guarantee that the regulations concerning data protection are considered both by us and by the external suppliers.

Personal Data:
Personal data are pieces of information that can be used to find out your identity. Such as your real name, address or telephone number. Information that cannot be linked to your true identity (like favored websites or the numbers of users that visit a site) is not part of it. Generally, you can profit from our online-services without revealing your identity. If you want to register for one of our personalized services or order one of our products, your name and other personal data will be required. It is entirely up to you whether you want to submit such data or not. Your personal data will be recorded in separately protected servers in Germany. The access is permitted only to few authorized personnel that attend to the technical, mercantile or editorial support of the servers. In addition to your access to our server, we record certain data for safety purposes which might allow your identification (f.e. your IP-address, date, time and favored sites). There will be no utilization of said data, however, the statistic evaluation of anonymous data might occur.

The passing on of personal information to others:
Generally, we use your personal data only within our company and advertising presence. We will not pass on any of your personal data to others without your knowledge and consent. Should – within the range of processing- your data be passed on to other suppliers, they are submit to the Federal Data Protection Law. As long as we are legally obliged, we will convey your data to information- entitled institutions. The contributions on our panels are accessible for everyone. Before posting something, we advise you to make sure that your comments do not contain information which you do not wish for others to see.

After you have submitted personal data to us, you can ask for their deletion at any time. Just send us an e-mail containing your name and your request. Data that are used for bookkeeping purposes and the like are exempt from deletion.

Installation of Cookies:

We install cookies (little pieces of data with set-up information) when they are needed.  We do not inform you every time we install cookies. Most browsers accept the installation of cookies automatically. However, it is possible to forbid the installation of cookies or you can modify your browser so that it informs you every time cookies are received.

Persons under the age of 18 should not transfer personal data to us without the consent of their parents or legal guardian. We do not ask children to transfer personal data to us, nor do we record them or pass them on to others.

Links to other websites:
Our online offers contain links to other websites. We do not have any influence on whether the operators stick to the data protection regulations.
Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)
Telemediengesetzes (TMG)
Datenschutzrichtlinie für elektronische Kommunikation des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 12. Juli 2002

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